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What to Expect From Your First Visit

At your initial consultation, your personal health coach will spend time learning about your overall health, your family history, and any symptoms you’re experiencing or previous diagnoses you’ve received, as well as your ultimate wellness goals.
To dig deeper into why you’re feeling the way you are, and to help uncover any underlying conditions, we’ll recommend specialized lab work after your consultation. 
Using your assessment and your lab results, your health coach will connect you with the right functional medicine provider for your unique needs. 


The Health Coaching Advantage

Our Novis Health coaches integrate with Functional Medicine doctors to execute a unique plan built specifically for you and your health conditions. Health coaches are accountability partners who help you turn big goals into small steps that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

True health and wellness come from a healthy lifestyle encompassing all areas of your life. Health coaches go beyond food and exercise and help you explore and identify barriers so you can work together to formulate a plan for your optimal health. Novis Health coaches always look at the big picture. Many things contribute to an individual’s health and happiness: food, lifestyle measures, work, and home routines, personal relationships, employment satisfaction, emotional and spiritual health. They will help you tie all aspects of your life into your wellness journey.

Our Approach

The way your body responds to lifestyle, nutrition, and even treatment is unique to you. That’s why we take a completely personalized approach to helping you manage or prevent chronic conditions.

Glucose Monitoring Blue Specialized Lab Work
Clipboard-icon Provider Developed Plans
whistle-icon One-on-One Coaching

Our Functional Medicine Programs

After your initial consultation and specialized lab work, your functional medicine provider and dedicated health coach will work together to create a customized plan to help you achieve long-term health. Some of the common conditions we treat are:

Diabetes Icon Green Type 2 Diabetes
Autoimmune Disorders Icon Teal Autoimmune and Chronic Disease
Hypothyroidism Icon Lime Green Hashimoto Hypothyroidism Hormonal Health
noun_intestines_666932 GI Disorders
Preventive Health Icon Green Immune System Boost

Our Integrated Treatments

Our in-office treatments to compliment your journey include:

Clipboard-icon Individualized Nutrition
PEMF Icon Blue Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency
Far-InfraRed Light Therapy Red Light
Supplements Icon Blue Targeted Nutraceutical Supplementation
Performance Optimization Icon Lime Green Physical Training

Meet the Sandy Novis Health Team

Using the combination of Functional Medicine and proven behavioral coaching strategies, your dedicated team at Sandy Novis Health will work closely with you to help you achieve your wellness goals.




Health Coach

After struggling with her own hormone imbalances and gut dysfunction throughout college, Rachel was left feeling a lack of support from the traditional healthcare system. She dove head first into health and wellness to learn how to holistically heal her own body by attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Through IIN she learned about whole-body health, bio-individuality, and how to heal stubborn symptoms through nutrition and lifestyle change.

Rachel’s wellness career started as a weight loss and women’s health coach but was introduced to functional medicine while working in a naturopathic clinic. There she learned all about functional medicine, getting to the root cause of symptoms, and the importance of combining conventional and alternative treatments to treat the whole person. Utilizing her degree in psychology, she empowers her members to transform their lives by making sustainable lifestyle changes, developing positive mindsets, discarding limiting beliefs, and finding balance in all areas of life. She supports her members through their health journeys by putting an emphasis on body literacy, behavior change, mindset work, and goal setting based on each individual’s conditions and circumstances. Rachel is knowledgeable and passionate about hormone health, thyroid conditions, weight management, and well-balanced nutrition. Her favorite part of being a coach is educating her members on how simple it can actually be to live a healthy lifestyle once we find the root cause of the symptoms and get an action plan in place to promote healing.

Rachel joined the Novis family after moving from Georgia to Utah to pursue her passions of hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and taking road trips through the desert. She is an avid adventure seeker so when she’s not coaching she can be found on local hiking trails or camping out in southern Utah!

Creating a Healthier World, One Member at a Time

Novis Health was founded with the goal of changing how health is perceived in our country. That purpose has evolved into the greater mission of transforming health in America – beginning with the Novis Health member community.
Our complete approach to wellness integrates world-class providers, trained health coaches, comprehensive testing, targeted nutrition, and innovative technology into customized plans for every individual member, based on a foundation of functional medicine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine digs deeper to find out why you got sick or feel poorly in the first place. By uncovering the root causes of your symptoms or disease, we can create a plan of action for long-term health that addresses all of the contributing factors, not just a single symptom.


Is health coaching really effective? It sure is!  Research has shown that 90% of healing takes place outside of a doctors office. Studies from Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and many others speak about the effectiveness of health coaching in reversing chronic disease.  
What can I expect at my first visit?

During your initial consultation, your Novis health coach will dig into the symptoms you’re experiencing, the diagnoses you’ve already received from your primary care doctor, and your treatment goals.

To make sure you’re ready for the lifestyle changes that make functional medicine a success, we’ll also talk about your motivation for making your health a priority.

What’s included in my treatment plan?

Your treatment plan is built specifically for you, so what’s included depends upon your lab work, assessment, and personal goals. However, every plan includes a consultative functional medicine provider and a personalized health coach, regular check-ins, and follow-up lab work to track your progress.

Treatment plans are deployed through an affordable monthly membership. Each component of your health is addressed in "sprints" and retested for progress or correction every 90 days.

Do you work alongside my primary care doctor? Our health coaches are always excited to connect with your primary care provider for support, and to provide clear updates and progress reports regarding your Novis Health journey.
Do you take insurance?

We are what's called a membership-based center. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that many people continue struggling with chronic disease or less than optimal health because the same routine testing produces the same results – typically, more medication.

To treat our patients differently with a model that's more successful for their health, we don't accept insurance. Instead, we have developed a very affordable monthly membership that allows us the freedom to provide the care you need to achieve long-term wellness.

What if I’m on fixed income or disability? Many of our members are in a similar situation. We treat every patient like family, and we try to work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.