Your Health Is Personal

That’s why your wellness plan should be built just for you.

A one-size-fits-all approach to treating chronic disease, or optimizing long-term health, doesn't work. Your family history, genetics, lifestyle, underlying conditions, and risk factors all contribute to the road map needed for success.

Our Approach Begins With You

From the start, your certified health coach works with you to learn about your history, connect you with the functional medicine provider best suited for your needs, and guide you through your wellness journey.


Your Initial Consultation

Your Initial Consultation

Your dedicated health coach will dig into the symptoms you’re experiencing, the diagnoses you’ve already received from your primary care doctor, and your treatment goals.

To make sure you’re ready for the lifestyle changes that make functional medicine a success, we’ll also talk about your motivation for making your health a priority.


Specialized Lab Work

Specialized Lab Work

Routine testing doesn’t always tell the full story. Our specialized labs dig deeper into what’s really going on, alerting your provider and health coach to anything that might need further analysis. We’ll then create a road map for your initial action plan.


Assessment and Action Plan

Assessment and Action Plan

Based on your consultation and initial lab work, your provider puts together a full report assessing your results, explaining not only what your lab work uncovered but also what those findings mean in easy-to-understand language.

Your health coach acts as your personal wellness guide, answering questions and helping prepare you to get started.

Complete Care Customized for Your Needs

Functional medicine takes a whole approach to your health. After your assessment and lab work, our team integrates four core principles – positive psychology, nutrition and fitness, social and spiritual, and mindfulness – into a personalized care plan to help you achieve long-term wellness.

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Targeted Nutrition

Based on your history, initial lab results, and any recommended follow-up testing, your provider will determine if deficiencies in your diet need to be addressed to optimize your health. We’ll create a nutrition plan tailored specifically to you, including nutraceutical supplements, to help you heal from the inside out.

Innovative Tech Treatments

Cutting-edge technology treatments are available on-site to accelerate healing at the cellular level and maximize your behavioral and lifestyle changes:

  • Red light therapy
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy
  • Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT)
  • Halotherapy
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Chromotherapy

One-on-One Coaching

Research indicates that sustained lifestyle changes have the power to prevent or reverse chronic disease. Working with a dedicated health coach builds accountability into your wellness plan so you can stick to those changes long term. 

Community Support

Social connection is the single biggest predictor of longevity. We encourage the vital therapeutic benefits of building in-person relationships with one-on-one coaching, weekly group sessions and activities, and bi-monthly mindfulness classes.

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FAQs About Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Does Novis Health work alongside my primary care doctor?
Our health coaches are always excited to connect with your primary care provider for support and to provide clear updates and progress reports regarding your Novis Health journey.
What’s included in my treatment plan?

Your treatment plan is built specifically for you, so what’s included depends upon your lab work, assessment, and personal goals. However, every plan includes a consultative functional medicine provider and a personalized health coach, regular check-ins, and follow-up lab work to track your progress.

Treatment plans are deployed through an affordable monthly membership. Each component of your health is addressed in "sprints" and retested for progress or correction every 90 days.

How does targeted nutrition work?

Using your specialized lab testing, health history, and wellness goals, we determine the exact vitamins, minerals, and botanicals necessary to meet your individual nutritional needs. As you progress through the program, we continually reassess your nutritional requirements and adjust dosages accordingly based on your provider's recommendations.

What is red light therapy? Red light therapy uses exposure to low levels of red or near infrared light to help with skin and muscle tissue healing and regeneration. It may also help increase energy levels and improve cognitive function.
What is PEMF therapy? Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy produces electromagnetic fields with various waveforms and frequencies to stimulate muscles and increase local blood circulation, which may accelerate healing, improve sleep quality, and reduce pain and blood pressure.
What is exercise with oxygen therapy? During exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) treatment, concentrated oxygen is inhaled while exercising. This dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in blood plasma and provides a host of benefits, including improved athletic performance and endurance, enhanced memory capacity, increased cardiovascular health, and slower aging.