What Is Functional Medicine?

Achieving long-term wellness through behavioral, lifestyle, and nutritional changes

Functional medicine treats the body as a dynamic, fully interconnected system, not a collection of siloed parts. In its approach to healing and long-term wellness, functional medicine strives to restore balance by addressing all of the different factors that contribute to your health in a comprehensive, integrated way.

Functional Medicine Asks Why?

The conventional approach to treating chronic conditions is linear: Diagnosis, then prescription. But what happens when you still don’t feel like yourself?

Functional medicine digs deeper to find out why you got sick or feel poorly in the first place. By uncovering the root causes of your symptoms or disease, we can create a plan of action for long-term health that addresses all of the contributing factors, not just a single symptom.

Wearable Personal Health Data Monitoring
Wearable Personal Health Data Monitoring When you understand what’s going on in your body, you can optimize your wellness. Wearable health monitors collect critical data to uncover critical issues and track progress.
Nutritional Deficiencies
Nutritional Deficiencies Missing critical micronutrients can be debilitating for your health. Our testing goes deeper than traditional blood work to determine if such nutritional gaps exist and why.
Social Connections
Social Connections Strong social connections are the single biggest predictor of longevity. We facilitate powerful interpersonal relationships with health coaching and community activities.
Lifestyle Stress, isolation, and being sedentary all contribute to the progression of chronic disease. Making lifestyle adjustments today can transform your future.
Digestive Health
Digestive Health Bloating and fatigue are often symptoms of larger issues like inflammation and malnutrition. Identifying the root cause of digestive problems helps eliminate the debilitating symptoms.

A 360-Degree Approach to Personalized Wellness

The way your body responds to lifestyle, nutrition, and even treatment is unique to you. That’s why we take a completely personalized approach to helping you manage or prevent chronic conditions.

In addition to customized lifestyle medicine implementation, you’ll also benefit from developing in-person relationships, a focus on mindfulness, and biohacking from our innovative technology.

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One-on-One Coaching

As your dedicated guide, your certified health coach keeps you fully engaged and accountable on your wellness journey.
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Positive Psychology

Building on your character strengths helps you create purpose and meaning, moving beyond surviving to thriving in all areas of life.
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Technology Treatments

Accelerate your wellness journey with cutting-edge technology designed to promote healing from the inside out.

Chronic Disease Is Reversible and Preventable

Chronic disease doesn’t have to define you. We can help you take control of your health with behavioral modifications, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes, so you can reverse or prevent chronic conditions.

Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Improve blood sugar, in some cases to a non-diabetic range, and reduce the need for medications.
Hypothyroidism Hypothyroidism Get to the root cause of your hypothyroidism, so you can get back to feeling like yourself.
Gut health Gut Health Uncover the source of your digestive problems and address nutritional deficiencies.
Autoimmune disorders Autoimmune Disorders Eliminate debilitating symptoms by treating autoimmune disease at its core.
Preventive health Preventive Health Take charge of your future with a proactive, integrated approach to your health. 
Performance optimization Performance Optimization Reach your full potential with a wellness plan that helps you thrive, physically and mentally.

Functional Medicine FAQs

What kind of training do functional medicine providers have? Functional medicine providers undergo an additional three years of study and testing after their professional health care degree. Only the highest licenses in health care are able to train in functional medicine (i.e., MD, DO, DC, NP, ND, PA, RN, etc.). The focus is understanding a profound development of the root causes of disease, interactions between environment, lifestyle, and genetics, and how all body systems interact to create health or disease.
Are your health coaches certified?
All Novis Health coaches are required to be either certified or become fully certified within their first year with Novis Health. In the event that a coach is not yet fully certified, he/she will be working under a lead coach at that location.

Take Control of Your Future

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